Welcome To SAALI

SAALI is an incorporated not-for-profit association established to organise, promote and support people of African heritage in Western Australian legal community.

The overarching effect of SAALI's objectives are to improve and promote access to justice in Western Australian and in particular within the African community in Western Australia.

SAALI's objects are to: 

1.  promote members of the legal profession who have African heritage or identify as African Australian; 

2.  promote members of the legal profession who have an interest in African Australian affairs and/or enterprise;

3.  provide a network for members to promote, mentor, support and learn from each other;

4.  provide a platform to participate in law reform, advocacy and policy formation;

5.  develop and promote connections between the African and Australian legal markets; and 

6.  promote cultural diversity and inclusion. 

Founded: 2020. 

For more information about SAALI, you can contact us at info@saali.com.au 

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